UX Research Sample Projects


In this folder, you will find two of the projects I have conducted while a UX Researcher at UserTesting.com.

Yelp Pilot: I conducted a pilot study for Yelp.com, running both moderated and unmoderated tests. The unmoderated test looked at the general usability of the site, from the perspective of an unregistered Yelp user. During the moderated test, I spoke to small business owners who had profiles on Yelp, and discussed their interest in signing up for Yelp Ads. For this study, I did not write the test plans, but I did conduct the research and analysis.

SlickText: As a personal favor to a college friend, I wrote and executed a test plan for SlickText.com, a text-message marketing service. Matt wanted to see what the users' first-time impression of the site and pricing plans was.

I would like to note that both of these studies were fairly general, as they were first-time exploratory tests for both clients. Typically, the client process evolves to more in-depth, specific, and often complex(!) research. I work under NDA, so I can only share examples from clients who did not end up signing up for our service. I’d love to discuss my more interesting projects though, so feel free to contact me to hear more!

Yelp.com, SlickText.com